Celebrating Christmas and New Year

Christmas and New Year in Japan vs Sweden.


While Christmas in Sweden is a time to gather and meet your family. Christmas in Japan is arguably a romantic time for couples. Going on a date to USJ (Universal Studios Japan) or to a fancy restaurant seems to be customary.

In one of the smartest marketing moves in Japan, KFC – Kentucky fried chicken has become associated to Christmas in Japan. If you don’t pre-order the special chicken bucket one months in advance, you have to make it without it on Christmas, what a bummer!?

Finally there is the phenomenon of eating christmas cake in Japan, that is consumed instead of Julbord, which is a Swedish christmas buffee.

New year

I would say that new year is for family in Japan, whilst it is more about drinking with friends in Sweden (very generalized). I visited the Yasaka shrine in kyoto during new year and witnessed A LOT of Japanese going there as well, praying, eating fast food at the stalls, and ringing the bell. You can see and hear it in my video below. The day after, on new years day I went to my friends in the Ueda family and had a very pleasent evening with amazing new years food and games afterwards.