Finally back in Japan!

Before I write something else I have to say that the latest fashion seems to be wearing a cap that just covers the top of your head but not touching the ears. I begin to sweat by only looking at these people. It’s quite hot compared to Sweden. In Kyoto there was about 30 degrees C compared to 17 in Stockholm.

I met my friends Elias and Suzanne in Osaka who just got married and are spending their honeymoon in Japan! They have made an amazing journey are are halfway through and stopped by the kansai area for some days. I’m glad to be able to meet them,we had an awesome lunch at a korean place and afternoon tea at their hotel.

A lot has happend these last few days since I came to Japan. In this brief time I have:

  • Got a Smartphone
  • Got a bicycle
  • Got a bank account
  • Got my accomodation all worked out
  • Started school
  • Been to Osaka and Kyoto city
  • Gone to a welcome daniel party

I’m also really looking forward to the 27th september when I’ll go and audit a Kendo class(kenrenkai) and hopefully get to join the club! Ill get back more in detail about all these matters.