Koto no koto in Kyoto

Koto(箏or琴) is the national instrument of Japan, compared with the Swedish Nyckelharpa. The Koto is a stringed musical instrument that is usually about 180 centimeters in length and made from kiri wood. It has 13 strings and the thumb, index finger and the middle finger is used to pluck the strings. The ancestor of the Koto was the Chinese Zheng.

I was taught by the incredibly skilled and gentle Harumi-san who runs the studio in a house called Soushunan. She is offering lessons at her family’s old town house in central Kyoto.

The Japanese harp is one of a series of instruments that give Japanese music and culture is distinctive sound.

One of the most famous pieces of music is “Sakura sakura” and is often heard being played in a variety of circumstances. Sakura means cherry blossom in Japanese, maybe you should try listening to it the next hanami!

I found this event at the great website called Lifull Travering, which is a company that arranges a ton of events for travelers in Japan. What I like about it is that you meet local professionals in Japan who can both speak English and excels at their craft.





Lifull Traveringのサービスを利用して行きました。日本を旅行する人にイベントを提供している会社です。特に良い点は、英語が話せる地元の職人と会えることです。