New job in Kobe IKEA Port Island, Part 3

After my second week of work, we had a very interesting Christmas party! Christal, the store manager, made a speech and welcomed us. There were free food and drinks; a live band; a fancy costume competition; and an announcement about the annual Christmas gift.

In a nutshell, I like my new part-time job… a lot! Although I sometimes wonder what an MBA student is doing selling sausages and frozen meatballs? But then again, why not? If my aspiration is to learn more about Japanese business, what better way is there than to go outside of an MBA classroom and straight into the job market? How can you really understand a company and its work culture if you don’t start from the bottom up? I believe that making a career is not just about climbing straight up the corporate ladder. And right now, I’m it climbing sideways.

And oh did I say everything in IKEA 神戸is in Japanese? Check their latest facebook Post!