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Exploring Kyoto by bicycle

Did you know that Kyoto was built after the Chinese imperial capital Xian 1200 years ago? The city is laid out in a checker board fashion that makes the city it easy to navigate. It is also very flat which make it  wonderful bicycle friendly city.

Comparing it with Sweden, I’ve noticed that Japanese people doesn’t care about following the rules as much as we do in Stockholm. For example, in Kyoto it’s very common for taxis and cars to block the few existing bicycle lanes.

For more information, take a look at my Gaijinpot article:



京都は1200年前中国の帝国の首都西安後に建設されたことをご存知ですか? 市はそのために、簡単にナビゲーションする都市を作るチェッカーボード方式でレイアウトされています。それで京都は素晴らしくて自転車にやさしい街造り平坦です。