Taking an MBA in Japan!

Hello! I’ve just created this blog so you can follow me in my coming adventures in Japan. As some of you already know I have applied for Doshisha Universitys MBA program and got accepted! This will mean a two year stay in Kyoto, Japan!

I’m having this blog to write about my life, thoughts and experiences as a Swedish person and a graduate student at a Japanese university.

After a little more than a year has past since I left Japan the last time, I’ll be arriving at Kansai International Airport the 13th September. I’m thankful to have friends there helping me out. One of them offered me to stay at his place the first night even though I’m coming in the middle of the night. After that I’ll be staying at another friends house until I find an apartment of my own!

The apartment I have in Stockholm will be rented out during the time and I’m packing my bags and going through all my possessions. I must say that I’ve gathered a fair deal of junk so far.

Daniel, Stockholm