What did they put on that hotdog? IKEA Japan

By now, you must have noticed all the weird food combinations in Japan. One might think that the Swedish IKEA is only selling meatballs and salmon, but there is more than meets the eye! Having worked at IKEA Kobe for half a year, I have noticed some very peculiar things, and will share with you THREE foods today!

First is the mentaiko cheese-dog. It’s a type of spicy marinated roe mixed with cheese and nori, all of this on top of a hot dog!

Next is the strawberry soft cream hot dog. It’s basically a hot dog bun with ice cream instead of a sausage and frozen strawberries on top!

Last but not least is the yakisoba-dog. It’s a hot dog with yakisoba and mayonaise as condiments!


今まで、あなたは日本のすべての奇妙な食品の組み合わせを気づいているはずでしょう。一つは、スウェーデンスタイルのイケアがミートボールとサーモンを販売していると思うかも知れませんが、それは大間違い!思ったより多く日本らしい食品もあります!私は半年間 IKEA Kobe で働き、いくつかの非常に奇妙な事に気がつきました。今日はその中から三つの変な食品を紹介します。





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