The new semester at Doshisha Business School

I just made it through my first year as an MBA student at Doshisha Business School in one piece. The sultry Japanese summer has finally passed, and the leaves have just started to change colors (Momiji).

The fall semester at Doshisha University has just begun, and 44 new students from 24 different countries have joined the Global Business and Management Program at Doshisha Business School.

So what’s new this semester?

I am now a TA (Teaching Assistant) for the Business Economics class. I’ve also begun working as a contributing writer for Gaijinpot.

During the fall semester, I’m taking the following Global MBA courses:

  • Human Resource Management in Asia
  • Strategic Management for Innovation and Change
  • Investment in Asia
  • Marketing Research
  • Making Sense of the Global Economy
  • Master’s Thesis course 2

I’m also continuing the following Japanese Language courses:

  • Japanese Written Expression 5
  • Japanese Spoken Expression 6

Stay tuned for more updates!







  • アジアにおける人的資源管理
  • イノベーションと変化のための経営戦略
  • アジアでの投資
  • マーケティングについての研究
  • グローバル経営の理解
  • 修士論文コース2


  • 文章表現V
  • 口頭表現VI