Finally back in Japan!

Before I write something else I have to say that the latest fashion seems to be wearing a cap that just covers the top of your head but not touching the ears. I begin to sweat by only looking at these people. It’s quite hot compared to Sweden. In Kyoto there was about 30 degrees C compared to 17 in Stockholm.

I met my friends Elias and Suzanne in Osaka who just got married and are spending their honeymoon in Japan! They have made an amazing journey are are halfway through and stopped by the kansai area for some days. I’m glad to be able to meet them,we had an awesome lunch at a korean place and afternoon tea at their hotel.

A lot has happend these last few days since I came to Japan. In this brief time I have:

  • Got a Smartphone
  • Got a bicycle
  • Got a bank account
  • Got my accomodation all worked out
  • Started school
  • Been to Osaka and Kyoto city
  • Gone to a welcome daniel party

I’m also really looking forward to the 27th september when I’ll go and audit a Kendo class(kenrenkai) and hopefully get to join the club! Ill get back more in detail about all these matters.


Halfway there – waiting in Beijing!

I’m now sitting and waiting for my connecting flight to Osaka! My experience with Air China is that the price is very competitive. The service level is OK having in mind what you actually pay for.  The airplane had tiny seats which I do not appreciate, being a tall foreigner. But looking back at my previous flights to Japan, British Airways and Qatar didn’t offer much more space either.

Now the airport in Beijing is another chapter. The first impression is the smog outside the windows, it’s hard see more then one 1 km away! I’ve just read about the environmental problems of China and comparing it makes Stockholm seem to be clean as whistle. The facilities itself is quite modern and appealing. However the security check was horrible. I got my ticket stamped 5 times! By different persons. I had to stand in line forever and the actual check took about 10 minutes having them looking through my bag, and everything was after all, perfectly in order. Phew!

Anyway I’m now through and has gone to the “lounge” area between the gates, which is quite nice. There is loud classical music in the air and I’m sitting at a “charging point” refilling my computer and phones batteries. Sipping on a grande cappuccino from the airports local Starbucks. I was going to upload this post to facebook but… no! and I tried to google something but… no, The absence of freedom of speech makes it reminded here. And oh did I say there was a lot of Chinese here? Xie xie.

Looking back these last weeks. Time flew way to fast for me to be able to say farewell to friends and foes. Especially hard was saying goodbye to my Cat, I left behind a very special girl. See you soon baby! Ne.

So long and thanks for all the meatballs

I’ve taken a leave of absence from IKEA Barkarby during my two years in Japan. Yesterday was the last day and I was greeted with goodbye hugs and gifts. I’ve been working here for a little over two years and grown to like and understand the company more and more. The wonderful people who works here is one of a kind. The airplane lifts off from Stockholm in less than two weeks and quiting IKEA reminds me of how fast time flies. This is the next step in my new life and it makes it feel more real. Thank you dear colleagues and sayonara!

A magnificent dalahorse from my co-workers – It will follow me to Japan!
Goodbye gift from co-workers
Goodbye gift from co-workers

Taking an MBA in Japan!

Hello! I’ve just created this blog so you can follow me in my coming adventures in Japan. As some of you already know I have applied for Doshisha Universitys MBA program and got accepted! This will mean a two year stay in Kyoto, Japan!

I’m having this blog to write about my life, thoughts and experiences as a Swedish person and a graduate student at a Japanese university.

After a little more than a year has past since I left Japan the last time, I’ll be arriving at Kansai International Airport the 13th September. I’m thankful to have friends there helping me out. One of them offered me to stay at his place the first night even though I’m coming in the middle of the night. After that I’ll be staying at another friends house until I find an apartment of my own!

The apartment I have in Stockholm will be rented out during the time and I’m packing my bags and going through all my possessions. I must say that I’ve gathered a fair deal of junk so far.

Daniel, Stockholm

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